A book by DU faculty member published by Irfan Edizioni, ITALY

“Lineamenti di diritto pubblico islamico” written by Dr. Ali Reza Jalali, faculty member of the School of Humanities, Damghan University, was published by Irfan Edizioni, a distinguished publisher in Italy.

The book which is written in Italian language analyzes the peculiarities that characterize the phenomenon of the relationship between Public Law and Islam, mainly within the Islamic world, with a historical evolution of legal, constitutional and political thought from the Islamic State of Medina to the Iranian Constitutional Revolution. The aim of the book is to evaluate the legal duality of Islamic Public Law, between democratic principles and divine law and the compatibility of Islam within constitutionalism and modernity. The issue is analyzed in regard to the exercise of power as well as the recognition and protection of rights. The knowledge of an order and the set of specificities that characterize it is the main way to start a future dialogue between cultures, such as to identify the way for the convergence of the models, which, in case, it is argued through an approach due to the constitutional relativism, able to ensure the protection of pluralism, human rights and equality of the individual, without sacrificing the ethical and religious reference of Islamic Law.