A Joint Paper by Damghan University Faculty Members among Highly Cited Articles in 2021

A joint paper by Dr. Ehsan Nazarzadeh Zare (School of Chemistry), Dr. Fatemeh Salimi (School of Biology), and Dr. Iran Goudarzi (School of Biology) has been selected as a highly cited article in 2021 with 28 citations counted. The paper, entitled "Bioactive Carboxymethyl Starch-Based Hydrogels Decorated with CuO Nanoparticles: Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Properties and Accelerated Wound Healing in Vivo”, is published in International Journal of Molecular Sciences with an impact factor of 6.20. In the research reported in this paper, nanocomposite hydrogels of carboxymethyl starch decorated with nanoparticles that were synthesized via copper oxide produced by green synthesis were studied for their biological properties such as biodegradation, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, and cytotoxicity. The nanocomposite hydrogel was then used as a wound healing material in an animal sample. The results of the study indicated that the prepared hydrogel had excellent properties for healing wounds and preventing infection, as the wounds in the animal sample healed in less than 14 days. To access the full text of the paper, please refer to the following link.