Department of Applied Chemistry


A diversity of chemical substances enriches our lives. The stage for chemists to develop new substances, clarify their chemical phenomena and also to protect the natural environment is becoming increasingly broad. The aim of the Department of Applied Chemistry is to develop researchers and engineers who possess solid, fundamental capacities for science and a broad perspective for social application.

  • Wide array of elective courses that emphasize basic chemistry subjects.
  • Cutting-edge research for creating substances that respond to needs.
  • Fostering of researchers and engineers who have deeply learned basic chemistry, which serves as the foundation for applied skills.
  • Cultivation of human resources who are active in a broad range of fields, such as chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Experts Found: 5

Head of Applied Chemistry Department and Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Dean of School of Chemistry and Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry

Assistant Professor of Physical Chemistry

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