Board of Presidency

Overview / board of presidency

Damghan University Board is responsible for the entire control and management of the university. They approve budgets and expenditure, and determine the educational character and objectives of the university, as well as ensuring the effective and efficient use of the university’s resources.

Anyone wishing to contact the University Board of Presidency, can do so through the International and Scientific Cooperation’s Office in the first instance, by contacting Dr Reza Nazemnezhad.

S. Saeedorreza Eslami

President of the University of Damghan

dr pazoki

Dr. Mohammad Pazoki

Vice President for Education and Postgraduate Studies, Damghan University

Dr. Houshang Khairy

Vice President for Research and Technology, Damghan University

dr ghasemiyan

Dr. Javad Ghasemian

Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Damghan University

Dr. Mostafa Zaare

Vice President for cultural and social, Damghan University

Dr. Khodadad Kokabi

Vice President for Student Affairs, Damghan University