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School of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

Engineering Building,
Damghan University,
Damghan, Iran

Department of Civil Engineering

Department's Mission

To generate knowledge at international level, to help spread the usage of this knowledge in all scientific and technological areas, and to train the civil engineers of the 21st century equipped with all the talents, with the ability to think, to create, to be sensitive to all innovative ideas, environmental and social issues, and who have a very good command of the English language as well as computer literacy.


Head of Department
Mohammad Hosein Talebpour, PhD

Departmental Facilities

The undergraduate curriculum is designed to match the highest standards of similar institutions abroad. In order to be successful in the department, one must have an interest and be creative in subjects like mathematics, engineering, computer and the environment.
Sophisticated and well-equipped laboratories play a major role in the professional and practical development of our students. Engineering Economy, Construction Technology and Management and Structural Design are among the courses offered during the second half of the curriculum to help students get prepared for professional-life.


The department currently has one bachelors (BS) level programs: Civil Engineering (in Persian).

Faculty Members

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