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School of Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering

Engineering Building,
Damghan University,
Damghan, Iran

Department of Computer Engineering

Department's Mission

The Department of Computer Engineering at Damghan University was established in 2010 and first graduates graduated in 2014. The mission of the department is to train its students to have good communication skills, ready for team work, and qualified to undertake roles in future projects designed for the benefit of the society.


Head of Department
Hamideh Erfani, MSc.

Departmental Facilities

Computer Engineering Department has full time facult members consisting 2 assistant professors and 2 instructors. The Department believes that in Computer Engineering education, theoretical and practical parts must be balanced. With this aim in mind, the department has 3 general-use computer laboratories, 2 multimedia laboratories, 2 logic design laboratories, 1 microprocessor laboratory, 1 circuit and electronics laboratory.


The department currently has one bachelors (BS) level programs: Computer Software Engineering (in Persian). The BS students take introductory computer science and programming courses and English, basic mathematics and physics courses in their freshman year. In their sophomore and junior years, they take programming, computer hardware and computer networks. In their senior year, BS students take 5 technical elective courses and prepare a graduation project which helps them improve their written and oral communication skills.

Faculty Members

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Instructor of Computer Architecture Engineering

Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering