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School of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering

Engineering Building,
Damghan University,
Damghan, Iran

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department's Mission

The Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering was founded in 2001 at Damghan University which is offering education at the highest standards to its students. Our mission is to serve society through excellence in education, research, and public service.
We aspire to instill in our students the attitudes, values, and vision that will prepare them for professionalism and life-long learning. We strive to generate new knowledge and technology and aim to educate our graduates for following technological and theoretical developments, and use them to serve the society. We have set our main objective to be one of the best educational institutions in the geographical area that covers Iran and the Middle-East.


Head of Department
Meysam Zareiee, PhD

Departmental Facilities

Educational activities in the Department of Electrical/ Electronics Engineering are carried out in buildings equipped with highly developed laboratories, where all the technological facilities of our present-day world are at our students' disposal.
The academic staff consists of 1 associate professor and 6 assistant professors who have received their degrees from well-established universities around the world and are well known in their respective fields of study. The diverse experience, expertise and dynamism of our academic staff put our department in leading position among similar departments in Iran and in the neighboring countries. The students enrolled in our undergraduate program have the opportunity to gain expertise in fields like Information Engineering, Communications Engineering, Power/Control Engineering, Integrated Circuits, Computer Software and Hardware Engineering arranged in accordance with the expectancies and demands of our present day.


The department currently has one bachelors (BS) level programs: Civil Engineering (in Persian).

Faculty Members

Experts Found: 9