Humanities is best understood as a set of disciplines whose central theme of investigation is human being. Different disciplines in humanities deal with a wide range of issues and topics related to the cognition, behaviors, and attitudes of human beings; some of these disciplines, to name a few, are law, economics, psychology, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, sports sciences, literature, linguistics and translation. In this regard, humanities build on the most fundamental intellectual and philosophical foundations of knowledge and extend them to the practical and applied domains needed by human beings. Today, in response to increasing demands for experts from social, educational, judicial and managerial sectors in Iran, we are witnessing the specialization of humanities and social sciences and the emergence of interdisciplinary fields in these areas.

The School of Humanities at Damghan University was officially instituted in 2013 when the first group of students of Criminal Law and Criminology were admitted at the master level. In the following years (2016-2018) and with the expansion of the physical space of the school, the number of the academic departments was expanded; undergraduate students were admitted in the fields of Law, Sports Sciences and English Translation Studies, and master students were admitted in the field of Arabic Translation. In addition, one of the most important subdivisions of the school is the Department of General Courses, which is responsible for administering general courses to a large number of students of Damghan University in each semester. At present, the School of Humanities at Damghan University has four departments and accepts candidates in three undergraduate and two postgraduate fields.

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