Department of Arabic Translation

The field of Arabic Translation is based on perspectives from language studies and linguistics. Damghan University accepts MA students of Arabic Translation with the main purpose of training them on skills necessary for translation of different text types (e.g., legal documents, literary texts, press, etc.), simultaneous translation and interpretation. The students are also trained on the theoretical foundations of translation, translation criticism, and translation assessment. In order to achieve these goals, courses are offered on lexicography, applied linguistics, semantics, comparative criticism, simultaneous translation (from Arabic to Persian and vice versa), interpretation, and translation of classical, modern, postmodern, political, legal, economic, and technical texts. The graduates can work in research institutes and cultural centers where they may be required to translate ancient and contemporary texts of different genres (e.g., literature, press, science, psychology, history, philosophy, etc.) from Arabic to Persian (or vice versa), since there is today a close association between Iranian and Arabic culture. Iran’s Ministry of Education is one of the principal centers where a graduate of Arabic Translation may look for job opportunities. On the other hand, he/she can set up a translation agency, once accredited as an official translator by the Iranian Judiciary, or work as a translator in the embassies in Arab countries.

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