Department of English Translator Training

The main mission of English Translation Studies in Damghan University is to train undergraduate students in translating texts (both written and spoken) from English to Persian and vice versa. Because understanding target language texts is a must for translation success, students of English Translation Studies in Damghan University are required to pass general courses on English as a foreign language (e.g., courses on English grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and speaking skills) before taking courses on translation theory and practice. In practical translation courses, students are taught how to translate simple and advanced texts from a wide variety of genres including humanities, science, religion, philosophy and arts, among others. Students also work on their abilities for simultaneous interpretation, which provides a promising job opportunity for them in the future. On the other hand, they are trained on translation research, translation evaluation, the theoretical foundations of translation, and different approaches to translation and interpreting (e.g., linguistic, pragmatic, sociological, and so on) in the theoretical courses.

With the revision of the curriculum for English Translation Studies in Iranian universities in recent years (the Supreme Council of Educational Planning), courses on several translation skills that are needed in the contemporary world have been added to the curriculum. These courses include those related to the use of technology in translation (e.g., translation memory, machine translation, translation software, etc.), audio-visual translation (i.e., subtitles and dubbing), and discussions on the translation market. It is believed that students and graduates of English Translation Studies with proficient language abilities, sophisticated translation skills, and familiarity with the translation software and market (especially the online translation market) would have good career prospects in this field.

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