Department of LAW

In contemporary societies, knowledge of one's social and legal rights and duties is one of the most significant issues, because lack of such knowledge can greatly increase one’s possibility of committing a crime and suffering from its judicial consequences; hence, the field of law can be very practical for addressing these concerns. Damghan University accepts undergraduate and postgraduate students of law under two majors, i.e., Bachelor of Law and Master of Criminal Law and Criminology. The mission of the undergraduate course is to prepare students for holding judicial positions as, for example, judges, lawyers, public servants, and legal consultants in courtrooms, governmental offices, and private sectors. On the other hand, the mission of the postgraduate course is to reinforce the practice of law in students in addition to helping them with their higher education and cultivating research interest in them.

The field of law requires sophisticated abilities and is very closely related to other human aspects; courage, reasoning, creativity, good writing, and communication are but a few number of necessary skills for success in this field. Today, the field of law is also inextricably intertwined with the fields of sociology, psychology and philosophy, and thus a lawyer must have sufficient knowledge of these fields as well. Furthermore, a successful lawyer should be fluent in his/her native language and literature, because the logic for law, while sharing many aspects with the mathematical logic, is a persuasive and rhetorical logic, i.e., the lawyer should have the ability to convince those addressed (e.g., the court hearing the case) through the eloquent use of language. Finally, learning foreign languages is necessary too and helps students of law and practicing lawyers establish international relations.

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