Department of Sport Science

The field of Sports Sciences is a field in humanities that is closely linked to basic and health sciences in different ways, and thus the effects of Sports Sciences on the rehabilitation and physical or mental well-being of people and the growth of societies is undeniable. Damghan University has been accepting undergraduate students of Sports Sciences since the 2016-2017 academic year. Students in this field are offered courses on the improvement of physical, motor and perceptual performance of athletes and non-athletes whose age may range from childhood to old age. Furthermore, the students are trained how to prevent sports injuries or deal with them, remedy postural dysfunctions, and give first aid to athletes and non-athletes. Another main goal of the field is to analyze various muscle movements, movement biomechanics, and the growth and learning of motor skills. The students are also encouraged to keep track of programs and news from sports organizations and events. Finally, as for measurement concerns that are of paramount significance in sports and physical education, the field deals with methods for evaluating the factors contributing to physical fitness, development of motor skills, and motivation for physical activity, among others.  

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