Head of Department
Hamed Fazlollahtabar, PhD

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School of Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering

Engineering Building,
Damghan University,
Damghan, Iran

Department of Industrial Engineering

The field of Industrial engineering aims to develop frameworks and techniques for the installation and improvement of different systems in order to enhance the efficient production of goods and delivery of services. To design such systems that may include people, materials, information, energy and equipment, knowledge in mathematical, physical and social sciences along with engineering design skills is required and an industrial engineer's job is to monitor and adjust the achievement of management objectives via system performance. Compared to other engineering disciplines, industrial engineering is more concerned with increasing productivity in the realms involving human resources; industrial engineering is the only engineering field that takes the human factor into account in the systems under study. Accordingly, industrial engineers create a platform for the interaction of people from different disciplines to ensure coherent teamwork for the design, planning, implementation, and monitoring of production and service systems. The coherence of the teamwork ultimately leads to the continuous improvement of the systems in terms of work facilitation, employee convenience, cost reduction, quality enhancement, and customer satisfaction.

The Department of Industrial Engineering was the first department instituted in the School of Engineering at Damghan University in 2010. The management of the department adopts a balanced perspective in the accomplishment of its educational and academic duties. Based on this perspective, excellence in education will be achieved by attracting talented students, instructors, and faculty members and holding technical courses and workshops for managers and craftsmen to meet the needs of various sectors (especially agriculture and mining) in Semnan Province. Excellence in research, on the other hand, will be achieved by improving the status of the department regarding the research indicators issued by Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT). Thus, for both education and research, the vision of the department, as approved by Damghan University, is to become the leading academic department of industrial engineering in Semnan Province in foreseeable future.

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