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School of Engineering
Department of Industrial Engineering

Engineering Building,
Damghan University,
Damghan, Iran

Department of Industrial Engineering

Department's Mission

The Department of Industrial Engineering, which offers undergraduate level education, aims to supply future engineers with:
  • The professional basic knowledge and skills
  • The skills of analysis, synthesis, design, and application
  • The ability to work in teams
  • The notions of learning to learn and life-long learning
  • The ability to use English language efficiently
  • Efficient usage of computer and computer technology
  • Self-confidence and quick decision making ability.

Our departmental objective is to provide high quality education and to develop a high level of conscience in education through our BS program.
In addition, our department has contributed to various national and international scientific activities and we aim to increase these in the future. Through activities like conferences, seminars, congresses, and through papers published in international refereed journals, have been promoted and this effort will continue.


Head of Department
Hamed Fazlollahtabar, PhD

Departmental Facilities

Within the Industrial Engineering premises, there are laboratories for educational and research purposes. Also all classrooms and offices have equipped with central heating and cooling. We have various laboratories for education and research purposes. These are computer laboratories, equipped with the recent state-of-the-art technology, providing service to students; simulation and optimization laboratory; multimedia laboratory, used for the purpose of preparing files that contain multi-media communication tools and CDs, or for presentations that require sound and action; work study and ergonomics laboratory, mostly used for undergraduate courses, and computer integrated manufacturing laboratory, used for enabling students to comprehend and apply computer integrated manufacturing.


The department currently has one bachelors (BS) level programs: Industrial Engineering (in Persian).

Faculty Members

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