Central Library and Documentation Center

Libraries, as guardians of science and treasuries of human knowledge, are fundamental to any society and responsible for providing cultural services. University libraries are one of the largest groups of cultural servants, so it can be claimed that the library at any university is the heart of that university. At present, Damghan University’s Central Library and Documentation Center has a book collection comprising 61010 Persian volumes and 8990 non-Persian volumes, and subscriptions to 250 journal titles (both Persian and non-Persian). The library also has indexed 2150 theses and dissertation, of which 190 are available in electronic files (In 2021, with the installation of a web-based library software (Azarsa), the formatting of the electronic files was started).

 The library has a website, a conference room, and two study halls. The website is located in an area of 350 cubic meters and is equipped with 60 personal computers. The conference room, which can accommodate 50 to 60 participants, is used for thesis/dissertation defense sessions, seminars and staff training and is equipped with an audiovisual system. The study halls are set up with WiFi, each can accommodate 200 people at a time (400 people in total), and both halls have separate study rooms for professors and graduate students.

Damghan University’s Central Library and Documentation Center has 10 staff and provides services for in-person and distant visits. Of the 10 staff in the library, 4 have majored in the field of Information and Knowledge Science at undergraduate and graduate levels.