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School of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering

Engineering Building,
Damghan University,
Damghan, Iran

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department's Mission

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department is the creation, integration, transfer and application of knowledge relevant to the disciplines of mechanical engineering to give students a wide range of areas to express and improve themselves in with their knowledge and skills. The department is also dedicated to responding to the needs of industry with the updated programs. The department is providing help in the mean time to the technological improvement of the area through education and research.


Head of Department
Alireza Albooyeh, PhD

Departmental Facilities

  • Well equipped, modern laboratories which are used in undergraduate instruction, and for graduate research.
  • Well equipped classrooms.
  • Excellent computer labs and internet access.
  • Mechanical workshops for practical experience.
  • Network connections between the laboratories and workshops around the campus.


The department currently has one bachelors (BS) level programs: Mechanical Engineering (in Persian).

Faculty Members

Experts Found: 4