Mohammad Abry

Vice President for Socio-Cultural and Assistant Professor of Pure Mathematics

Selected Publications

Abry, M., Zanjani, J. Some properties of zero gradations on samanta fuzzy topological spaces (2018) Italian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, (39), pp. 209-219.

Considering the fuzzy topological spaces in the sense of Samanta, the notion of a zero gradation as a fuzzy topological invariant is introduced that might be the first basic step to develop a theory of dimension on the fuzzy topological spaces. Also, some critical properties and applications are established. © 2018 Forum-Editrice Universitaria Udinese SRL. All rights reserved.

AUTHOR KEYWORDS: Fuzzy topology; Gradation of openness; Zero gradation
INDEX KEYWORDS: Mathematical techniques, Critical properties; Fuzzy topological spaces; Fuzzy topology; Gradation of openness; Topological invariants; Zero gradation, Topology
PUBLISHER: Forum-Editrice Universitaria Udinese SRL