S. Saeedorreza Eslami

Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs

Selected Publications

Derakhshani, R., Eslami, S.S. A new viewpoint for seismotectonic zoning (2011) American Journal of Environmental Sciences, 7 (3), pp. 212-218.

DOI: 10.3844/ajessp.2011.212.218

Problem statement: Seismotectonic zoning has always been used to get access to intracontinental seismic deformation whereas zoning is not enough reliable in regard with small-scale studies. Approach: This research presents a theoretical model on the basis of plate tectonic theory to introduce a new approach to conduct zoning in terms of seismic deformation. Results: The result of this research not only has reliability but also is applicable to variety of research scales. Conclusion: The numerical techniques were used in the proposed model. Thus, this novelty model contains remarkable innovations: (1) Objectivity, accuracy and therefore reliability of zoning have been increased. (2) Numerical explanation of seismic deformation has been presented. © 2011 Science Publications.

AUTHOR KEYWORDS: Active faults; Earthquake; Numerical techniques; Seismic deformation; Tectonics
INDEX KEYWORDS: accuracy assessment; active fault; deformation; earthquake; numerical model; plate tectonics; reliability analysis; seismotectonics