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Cinema, which includes such genres as feature films, documentaries, short films, etc., is a twentieth-century human innovation. Cinema records movement in space and time, which is representative of one’s struggle with death.

The main objective of the major is to train the cinephiles, who revere and even worship cinema as a way of life, in the areas of screenwriting, directing, editing, and filmmaking. In addition to watching films and reading books on cinema, this major requires that students do research in various fields, such as sociology, psychology, culture, literature, and drama because cinema is related to all the aspects of individual and collective human life. Cinema, as an art also most related to technology and scientific advances, modifies many of its principles and techniques as a response to scientific upheavals. It portrays life and the world and criticizes them at the same time; sometimes it is funny and sometimes thought-provoking. Studying in this major helps students not only learn the principles, methods and techniques of cinematics, but also know themselves and the society around them more deeply.