Department of Television and Digital Arts

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Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
Dean of the School of Art

Assistant Professor
Head of Department

Instructor of Art Studies

Television and Digital Arts

The major of Television and Digital Arts, also offered at the Iran Broadcasting University (IRIB), deals with communication methods in today's digital world. The major was instituted at Damghan University with the purpose of training undergraduate students who are interested in the production and development of television, computer and digital programs. By attending theoretical and practical courses on "Computer Graphics" and "Computer Animation", the candidates develop the skills and abilities needed in the areas of design, graphics software, animation, language and structure of television, and the production of digital arts.

The job market for this academic major is somehow assured, since the majority of people in the world appreciate the electronic and virtual media. That said, the graduates may have the opportunity to work in either commercial fields, such as advertising, or in artistic fields such as film production or cinema education.