Herbarium of Damghan University (DU)

Herbarium is a collection of dried and pressed plants. Herbarium specimens at Damghan University (DU) as a repository provide documentary evidence of the geographical distribution of plant species. This collection introducing new species and recognizing the potential of Semnan province in terms of medicinal plants. Herbarium specimens are used in deferent studies such as chromosomal, chemotaxonomic, biosystematic and phylogenetic research. Herbarium specimens are managed with the biodiversity database manager software (Biota) and more than 5000 specimens are kept in DU. Our aim is to collect and conserve plant species of Iran particularly xerophytes and halophytes of deserts, alpine and nival species of the alborz mountain range. Herbarium website: under construction. Damghan University Herbarium is registered and officially introduced in the International Herbarium Index (New York Botanical Garden) with the DU herbarium code. To get the specifications of Damghan University herbarium, you can enter the DU herbarium code or search for the name of Damghan city via the following link:

Herbarium Collection