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The School of Physics started its educational activities in September 1996, and currently has two branches, Physics and Engineering Physics at the undergraduate level; four branches, Solid State Physics, Nanoscience and Nanophysics, Nuclear Physics, astronomy and astrophysics in the master's degree; and 3 branches, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics and nanophysics in the doctoral degree. The school of physics also has an observatory and 8 basic and specialized laboratories called Basic Physics 1, Basic Physics 2, Basic Physics 3, Modern Physics, Optics, Nuclear, Solid State Educational and Solid State Research. We publish also two scientific international journals about astrophysics and holography.

Divisions & Departments

Exploring the quantum nature of materials and the physics of biological systems- theoretical and experimental

Find out about labs and facilities, training, and research areas in nuclear physics and elementary particles physics

Our research spans the whole of Astrophysics. from cosmology, galaxies & black holes, through to stars & planets.