The Ascent of a Staff Member from Damghan University to the Mountain of Island Peak

Maryam Mazinani, a staff member in the School of Physics at Damghan University, did her first ascent in 2022 to the summit of Island Peak at an altitude of 6189 meters. She accomplished this achievement after repeatedly conquering the highest mountains in Iran (including Damavand Peak) and climbing Mount Ararat of Turkey with a height of 5137 meters, Kilimanjaro Summit (the highest peak in Africa) with a height of 5895 meters and Mount Elbrus in Europe with a height of 5642 meters.

On her trip to Nepal, the home of Mount Everest, Mazinani climbed the 5364-meter-high base camp and then ascended the summit of Island Peak (Sagarmatha National Park, the Himalayas) on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.