The First International Conference of Holography and its Applications Held in Damghan University

The First International Conference on Holography and its Applications was virtually held at the School of Physics on March 9 and 10, 2022. The conference hosted more than 120 prominent researchers and professors of physics from all around the world. Dr. Behnam Pourhassan, the scientific secretary of the conference, stated that the conference was cooperated by the Department of Nuclear and Particles Physics at Damghan University and the Canadian Quantum Research Center. Dr. Pourhassan reported that 18 specialists of holography comprised the scientific committee of the conference, who reviewed the submitted papers and invited the speakers. These specialists were from different countries including Iran, Italy, Canada, Turkey, China, Poland, USA and South Africa. In addition, 195 professors, postdoctoral researchers and students of physics from both Iran and around the world registered and participated in the conference.

The participants in the conference were addressed by five keynote speakers, who are well known in their respective fields; moreover, 20 invited speakers presented their latest achievements. The keynote and invited speakers were from Iran, Italy, India, South Africa, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Finland, Belgium, Poland and Azerbaijan. The conference also held a total of 45 presentation sessions, consisting of 38 lectures and 7 poster presentations. The lecture sessions were supervised by people from Iran, Greece, Italy and South Africa, and eight papers from Iran, Germany, India and Brazil were selected by the editorial board members of for publication in this journal. 33,555 visits to the conference website were reported by the end of the conference.

Despite the geographical diversity of the participants, one of the significant accomplishments of this virtual conference was that all conference sessions were held without any occurrence of interruption, cancellation or delay and according to the scheduled program.