Damghan University

A venue for learning, discovery, creativity, expression and discourse


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People from different cultures and backgrounds are treated with respect and dignity fuelled by guidance and encouragement from the teaching team, as well as supported by excellent resources.



With easy access to world-class faculty and coursework in basic sciences as well as engineering, computer science, education, business and the humanities, aspiring scientists can experiment across disciplines and customize their education to match their interests.



Today, Damghan University has over 160 members of the professoriate faculty. Faculty at Damghan University are expected to be among the best teachers and researchers in their fields.



With easy access to world-class faculty and coursework, aspiring scientists can experiment across disciplines and customize their education to match their interests.

A History of Damghan University

Damghan university, formerly known as Damghan University of Basic Sciences, was established in 1988. The late Dr. Mohammad Masoud Mansouri , the founding father of the university, made strenuous efforts to put his fellow-citizens' wish into practice. After around two decades, the university began to expand its mission in a way that currently it consists of eight schools, twenty departments and 5000 students.


Damghan University attempts to meet the following objectives:
- Responding to the various needs of the society,
- Educating creative and committed citizens,
- Creating a transformative educational experience for students,
- Training knowledgeable researchers and experts,
- Collaborating with national and international scientific centers,
- Advancing the frontiers of science.


Damghan University strives to be one of the top and outstanding universities in terms of scientific developments both theoretically and practically. Damghan University will have a transformative impact on society through innovation in education, research and entrepreneurship.


Abdolali Basiri became Damghan University’s fifth president on May 1, 2014.

The University is also governed by Board of Presidency.

“Be Here” – a virtual reality experience of Damghan University

What’s it like to be a undergraduate or graduate student? Students chart their own paths of discovery, learning and growth, and each journey is as unique as the individual. Experience the stories of immersive 360° video.